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India has been known for millennia as a land of spiritual people, and in her distinguished history, one name stands out among all other as the undisputed greatest saint of India, that of Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti of Ajmer.

   Orphaned in his teens, he gave up his rich inheritance one day by a divine miracle to seek the path of Sufi dervishes. The story of his illustrious life, of his education among the spiritual luminaries of his time in Iraq and Persia, of his divinely decreed mission of bringing Islam to India and the miraculous struggles in propagating it there, with his highly enlightened 'sayings' are historical legends in India.

There are extremely few personalities of spiritual India who inspire and command spontaneous devotion and admiration for his exemplary life, his divine worship, and his noble teachings for the upliftment and service to all mankind.

   To this day, nearly 750 years after his demise, his holy shrine is visited throughout the year by millions of faithful devotees of all religions and nations to pay homage to this great saint of the East.

   This Chishti Order website presents the very full account of his life and teachings, produced exclusively for the English-speaking world.

   The work, several years in development, has been assisted by a very great number of people from all over the globe. We pray Allah to Reward them all wioth His Choicest Blessings, as many of such things as there are. Ameen.

   While the Chishti Order is known to only a few selected groups in the West, we offer these highly inspiring life stories, and the illuminating work of the Chishtis, for the emancipation of the oppressed of humanity, regardless of caste, creed, color, religion or nation, and share with all humanity Khwaja Saheb's ever-shining example of true humanity and Universal Brotherhood.