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Timings of Salat

    The practice of Salat is performed at five regular intervals throughout the day, as a minimum, and can be done at other times according to the capacities of the worshipper. The times of performance of the Salat is fixed according to the journey of the sun and planets across the heavens. These times are as follows:

Fajr: Begins approximately 45 minutes before sunrise and extends up to the actual rising of the sun.

Dhur: Begins after the sun has passed the median-point in the sky, and has just begun its downward arc.

'Asr: Begins when the sun has crossed a bi-section of the arc made by the sun, midpoint between noon and the line of the horizon; or, when the body's shadow is equal to two body lengths.

Maghrib: Begins just after the sun has actually set below the horizon, and no light is left reflecting off the clouds (i.e., there is no more reddness).

Isha: Begins when night has fully fallen, approximately one hour and twenty minutes after the time of Maghrib, or sunset.

    By following these prayer times, one is perfectly attuned to the motions of the planets, seasonal changes, geographic variations and, in so doing, one becomes harmonized with all of the natural cycles of the Universe.