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Name: Ruku' (pronounced Rookoo-uh)
Duration: 12 seconds

Recitation: As bending at the waist, recite "Allaho Akbar", then

Subhana Rabial-Azim
Subhana Rabial-Azim
Subhana Rabial-Azim

(Holy is my Creator, the Magnanimous).

Instructions: Bend down at waist, placing palms of hands with fingers spread over knees. Back is parallel to ground, such that if a glass of water were on the back, it would not spill. Eyes looking down, directly ahead.


Beneficial Effects:
Fully stretches the muscles of the lower back, thighs, legs and calves. Blood pumped down into upper torso. Tones muscles of stomach, abdomen and kidneys. Over time, this posture improves the personality, generating sweet kindness and inner harmony.