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Posture 7
Name: Quayam
Duration: 6 seconds

Recitation: After holding for six seconds, say: "Allaho Akbar" and move to next position.

Instructions: While rising from the bending position of Ruku', recite "Sami-Allaho liman hamidah, Rabana wa lakal hamd (Translation: Allah hears the one who praises Him; Our Lord, Yours is the praise.)

Then, if the prayer consists of 2 units only, go to posture 8. If the prayer consists of 3 or 4 units, reciting "Allah Akbar," return to standing position, arms at side, and repeat positions 1-7 again.

Beneficial Effects:
By repeating the deep prostration within a few seconds cleanses the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems. Experience of lightness of body and emotional happiness. Oxygenation of entire body accomplished. Balances sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.