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Name: Sajjda
Duration: 12 seconds

Recitation: Subhana Rabial Ala
Subhana Rabial Ala
Subhana Rabial Ala

Translation: Glory be to my Creator, The Most Supreme


: Go down to a kneeling position by placing both hands on knees, lowering oneself slowly and easily onto knees, then touch the head upon the ground so that the following seven body parts are in contact: forehead, two palms, two knees, toes of both feet. The end position of this posture is given below.

Beneficial Effects:
The posture of supreme submission and humility. Knees forming a right angle allow stomach muscles to be developed and prevents growth of flabbiness in mid-section; even greater flow of blood into upper regions of body especially the head, including eyes, ears, nose and lungs; allows mental toxins to be cleansed by blood. Excellent effect to maintain proper position of fetus in pregnant women; reduces high blood pressure. Increases elasticity of joints. Annihilates egotism and vanity. Increases patience and reliance upon God. Increases spiritual stations and produces high psychic energy throughout body. It is the essence of worship.