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Cardinal Principles of Islam

   Let us have a glimpse of the early history of Islam and its dynamic influence upon the un-Islamic countries within a few years of its birth. Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin's mission was dedicated to the sacred cause of peace and salvation of mankind from the moment he set his holy feet on the soil of India in 587 A.H. or 1191 A.D. His life work is, therefore, of very absorbing interest to the suffering humanity particularly at a time when the world is once more torn by mutual hatred and survives precariously at the mercy of hydrogen bombs. Indeed the teachings of this great saint have been a perpetual source of solace and inspiration to the seekers after Truth as well as the oppressed humanity for the past 800 years.

   His grand success was based upon the magnificent lessons of Islam, coupled with the inspiration he used to get from divine powers which, in the terminology of Sufism, are classified as Shariat, Tariqat and Haqiqat and which are the basic teachings of the Holy Qur’an as elaborated in Hadith and Fiqah having their root in the religion of Islam.