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Injunctions of Islam

   According to the Holy Qur’an, those who follow the Satan's enticement are rebels against God. They will have to render an account of their misdeeds and sins on the Day-of-Judgment and suffer punishment in Hell, for they acted against the pleasure of God. But those who defy Satan and stick steadfastly to the path of Righteousness and Truth as ordained in the Holy Qur’an and preached by the Prophet Mohammed , are promised salvation and eternal bliss in Paradise. This is one of the principal articles of faith in Islam.


   The pages of the history and all religious books of the world are full of the terrifying stories of Allah's retribution upon those past rebellious generations of mankind who defied the teachings of His Prophets and apostles under the mischievous influence of Satan. There have also been numberless bloody wars between the forces of evil and good, Truth and falsehood, the followers of Satan and the devotees and believers of the Almighty God. The latter few have always vanquished the overwhelming many.

   Again and again Allah has sent His Prophets and apostles to all races and nations of the world in order to warn and keep them on the right path of Truth but, after their death, the people forgot their sacred lessons and became victims of Satan's treachery, only to forfeit the pleasure of Allah and earn His retribution. This is a Divine decree which no civilization or modern progress can change, in spite of any or all scientific and material advancement.