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Unique Virtues of Islam

There are many unique virtues of Islam and its Holy Prophet as compared with his predecessors. While the preceding Prophets were endorsed with only one divine virtue to help them to make their mission successful, Prophet Mohammed had the exclusive distinction of possessing all those divinely-inspired virtues in him which were bestowed upon his predecessors individually.

   For instance, Prophet Mohammed was endowed with the exemplary patience granted to Prophet Ayub , the miraculous virtues possessed by the staff given to Prophet Moses , the healing wisdom possessed by Prophet Jesus , the perfect human beauty bestowed upon Prophet Yusuf , and the supreme faith owned by Prophet Abraham .

   Further, no Prophet, ever since the creation of Adam , had the unique distinction of being succeeded by illustrious saints and divines among his followers as the Prophet of Islam had---a venerable line of religious teachers and saints who shunned all pomp and show of the material world in order to serve the cause of Islam and humanity selflessly and faithfully.

   Both morally and spiritually, they were pictures of perfection and stood out alone in the multitude of intelligentsia, never deviating from the teachings of the Qur’an or the traditions of the Prophet . Their one paramount aim of life was the selfless service of mankind, strictly in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Qur’an both in letter and spirit. These holy teachers of Islam, often in the garb of Sufi dervishes, continued to keep the banner of Islam flying high for a period of nearly 900 years after the death of the Holy Prophet Mohammed , by their matchless zeal, abstemious character and amazing spiritual powers.

   And it is due to this unique dedication to the service of mankind that there are today 1.5 billion Muslims spreading all over the world, whose faith in their religion remains as staunch and unshakable as it has ever been in spite of all the political and social revolutions of the world ever since the death of Prophet Mohammed .