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Purpose of Religion

   Deliberating upon the purpose of religion, Dr. M.A. Salmin, author of The Holy Prophet Mohammed Through Different Lights and the Founder President of the Grand Muslim Mission, Bombay, writes:

   "The true purpose of religion is that human beings, should follow the right path according to Divine teachings. But before asking people to follow these teachings, it is first necessary to explain the teachings and whose teachings they are; secondly, about the one who is preaching them, and finally, the great benefit that will be derived by following them.

   "These are the fundamentals on which religions are formed. To have a comparative study of Islam in the light of the teachings found in other sacred books, is to know what a comprehensive world religion Islam is, pointing out also how the author of such a religion was decidedly the last great Prophet, there being consequently no further necessity at all for another Prophet to rise. The Qur’an is the final revealed Book of Allah and Mohammed is the last Prophet."